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Securing Removable "Clocked" Handrail Knobs

I am in the process of machining and assembling a smokebox for a model train. The smokebox in question is approximately 35mmx35mmx22mm. There are a series of handrail knobs and rails that are to be ...
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Soldering in vice - Avoiding Heat Sink

I have a job where I need to solder a brass tube at a precision 90 degree perpendicular angle to a piece of round stock. My current idea was to use a spring loaded center to hold the tube upright at a ...
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Why is the carrier block in a winchester rifle made of brass?

In a Winchester 1873, the carrier block is the part that moves a cartridge from the magazine up to the chamber, and that pushes the previously spent shell up out of the top of the rifle. It moves back ...
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Production methods for AC mains power plug pins?

What are the production processes and steps involved in producing a mains powered device that plugs into a standard mains socket (like a smart plug for example). Mains plug pins are usually made of ...
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Electroplating details for a beginner [closed]

I'm looking to electroplate brass rings with gems glued on top of them (though I believe this is then considered electroforming as the copper builds on the glue or epoxy and around the ring and gem?). ...
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How to drill larger bore in pipe?

I am trying to bore out a red brass pipe from 3/8" to 10mm using my drill press and a standard twist HSS bit. Running the drill at 600rpm I can't get more than half an inch in before the drill starts ...
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