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Questions tagged [bim]

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility.

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Is it possible to import 3D solids into Parts Builder in AutoCAD Civil 3D

I am new to 3D modelling and Part Builder in Civil 3D, but I believe for very complex objects, such as valve chambers that contain various intricate details, it will be much easier to model in the 3D ...
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1 vote
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What practical solutions exist to implement BIM naming conventions?

I work for a medium-sized civil engineering firm (about 200 employees) that is trying to improve its BIM capabilities. Specifically, it would like to improve data sharing data become compliant with ...
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Heat load calculations with heated air changes

I am working on a building project that requires a high ventilation rate for fire safety: 6 air changes per hour (ACH). The winter design temperature is -14, so moving that much air through the ...
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