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Why is the stagnation pressure equal to the atmospheric pressure in the test section of an open-circuit wind tunnel?

I understand Bernoulli's Principle at different sections of the wind tunnel (static and dynamic pressure), and that it is equal to the atmospheric pressure (hence open-circuit). However, I don't ...
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Can a fluid have more or less static pressure than atmospheric pressure in atmosphere?

We assume static pressure of a fluid coming out of a pipe or nozzle of gas turbine with high temperature and velocity is equal to atmospheric pressure, which confuses me for some point. Does it mean ...
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Find pressure, given 2 velocities at open end of pipe and inside pipe, at different elevations

There is a tube travelling horizontally, 8m below the ground, with a diameter 15cm. It then turns upwards and at a height of 1.75m above the ground, it shoots water out with a velocity 32 m/s. Find ...
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How to quantify a misty-ness of a spray?

Picture1 source: Picture2 source: Picture3 source: The above are three spray models. The latter one is fuel injector spray. Consider I have a closed container which I can increase its pressure by any ...
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Incompressible Fluid Flow in horizontal pipe segment which encounters tilted pipe segment - Continuity Equation

Say that we have water flowing horizontally in a pipe of constant diameter. The continuity equation for incompressible fluids, which is a statement of mass conservation, guarantees that the flow rate ...
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why the gage pressure of a fluid is zero at locations where the HGL intersects the fluid?

I have searched for answers to this, but so far I have not found any consistent answers. Please, may anyone help me understand this.
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Routing the flow from an axial "box" fan

I have a project where I need to generate a certain flow rate to levitate a ping pong ball using the Bernoulli principle. From some rough calculations, I found that it would take about 30 CFM through ...
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Increasing air velocity through F1 car diffuser

I am looking into F1 car aerodynamics for a course that I am taking. I understand that because of Bernoulli's law, when the velocity increases, the pressure decreases, which is good for F1 cars if we ...
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Pressure variation through reduction (Bernoulli) and pipe wall design

Let's say I have a pipe followed by a reduction and then another smaller diameter pipe continues. Using conservation of mass, the flow through the smaller diameter pipe will have higher velocity. If I ...
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Isn't the Bernoulli equation just a special case of the Steady-flow equation?

This question is about the following two energy balance equations (assuming no energy input/output): Bernoulli: $\frac{p}{\rho} +\frac {v^2}{2} + zg = const.$ Steady-flow: $u +\frac {p}{\rho} +\frac{...
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Water flow rate generated by a pressure steam tank

I have a 5 $m^3$ capacity tank that generates steam with a heat exchanger. This tank is under 15 bar pressure. The water in the bottom part of the tank does not completely vaporize because there is ...
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Efflux velocity for system with air and liquid

I want to calculate the efflux velocity for this open vessel with area $A_1$ with a small outlet with area $A_2$ as a function of time. The atmospheric pressure is $p_0$. The vessel has height $h = h_{...
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Is Bernoulli’s equation applicable for systems with pumps?

Please have patience with me as I have not looked at this sort of theory in many years (I am also very new to StackExchange). A question asks the following: A sloping swimming pool two-thirds full of ...
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Can I dismiss wind loads for this solar panel configuration?

I asked this question before in the Physics Stack Exchange, but it was closed because it was considered being about engineering. That is why I am asking it here. I am planning to install some solar ...
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Help calculating discharge rate from a reservoir as the water level drops?

I could do with some help calculating the discharge rate from a reservoir and factoring in how that flow will decrease as the head of water decreases. The information I have is: Maximum height of ...
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Venturi Duct flow

When water flows through the converging side of a Venturi, why is it that the total head (experimental and calculated) is not constant? Could it be due to losses? Also, why was it that a lot more ...
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Bernoulli head losses

For a Venturi, I calculated total head theoretically and experimentally. I noticed that the last point along the Venturi has not got the same as the start point total head? Shouldn’t it be the same ...
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Calculating Pipe Leak Flow Rate

Just curious and working on some hypothetical problems on my own...I'm currently studying for my PE license. Also, trying my best here with the Latex stuff. Let's say there's a crude oil pipeline and ...
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If a gas is pushed through a widening section of a pipe with a piston, will the pressure increase?

Imagine I have a section of pipe that increases in cross-section at some point. If the gas in the pipe before this section is being displaced with a piston, will the gas increase its pressure and ...
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Bernoulli equation on moving cart

Let’s say I have moving cart with velocity U . And water from pipe flows at velocity V with respect to ground The question asks to use Bernoulli equation , pressure is atmospheric in the top If I use ...
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Quantifying the reaction force on fixed tubing connected to a peristaltic pump

I am not sure how I should consider the forces due to hydrostatic pressure when calculating the reaction force due to a fluid being pumped through fixed tubing with a peristaltic pump that I am using ...
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Fluid Mechanics Question

I am preparing for GATE(Chemical). I need the answer of this question part 2 (question 54) as I am not able to find the mistake in my logic. I have applied the logic here as: Initial energy stored in ...
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Limits of Euler-Bernoulli Beam Theory for Wide Plate in Flexure?

I'm looking for established limits or rules of thumb for the validity/accuracy of Euler-Bernoulli beam equations for particularly wide "beams". For example, a simply supported rectangular ...
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