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How to estimate air velocity at turbine in turbojet?

I am designing a small turbojet. I wanted to know how to calculate the air volume expansion to predict the outlet velocity of air towards the turbine. Theoretically, I wouldn't know the flame ...
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Compressed air instead of steam in a steam engine, would that allow powered flight?

My understanding is that regular steam engines could use instead compressed air (not sure what had to be done to allow this) and if so, would not such an arrangement, which did not require fuel and ...
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What would this fairly bulky machined piece be doing in a missile?

Ria Novosti allegedly posted an image of this fairly bulky 10x10x4 cm (or so) machined piece with a hole in the middle, reportedly part of a Storm Shadow missile that hit Luhansk. I'm wondering ...
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Rotational lock design for a landing gear of an aircraft

I want to design a rotational lock mechanism for the landing gear of an aircraft. It's function is to make sure the landing gear stays folded when the aircraft is on air and the landing gear's ...
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What tension/compression loads does aircraft wing skin experience?

Ok so thinking about aircraft like the 787, which have some quite drastic wing flex (upper image), I was wondering what the loads are that are placed on the skin on the the upper and lower surfaces of ...
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Where can i get the aerodynamic data of aircrafts for controller design and testing?

I have some research papers on aircraft controller design that i want to simulate, but no system data is given in the research paper itself. I am also unable to find the aerodynamic data for any ...
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Real life example of motor/piston involving an isoterm process?

So I am involved in an introductory course in mathematics for pilots. I have the following problem I would like to give them, as it can be a practical application of integration However, does there ...
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Why are rotary ramjets not replacing turbojets yet?

Rotary ramjet is an engine that uses ramjets attached to a shaft to allow them to operate at the supersonic speeds they require without the engine itself being in translational motion. The huge ...
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Wearing course for Helipad

I am tasked with the design of a helipad for a remote government facility. Annex 14 Part II (ICAO Convention on International Civil Aviation) does not clearly state what materials are acceptable. The ...
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