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How to estimate the number of elevators required in a building?

I've been asked to estimate the number of elevators in a mixed use building with 37 floors (4 basement-parking floors), & design their operation. Are their any specifications/guides/manuals that ...
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How can I build a periscope window into a house, maintaining a high quality image at reasonable cost?

My family owns a plot of land on the top of a hill. AT the bottom of the hill is a lake. Between the plot and the lake is a house that completely blocks the lake view. However, it is only 10 or 15 ...
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How to find building specs & blueprint(s) for an apartment complex?

For any given apartment complex in the U.S. (if you want to get specific, I am wondering about NYC), how does one track down the building's specifications. I'm talking about specs as detailed as the ...
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Sun exposure in room as a function of day and time?

Background (may be safely ignored): I am buying (most of) a rowhouse from the 1930s. I am now working with an architect to improve its energy efficiency. Let us focus on the main room, which can be ...
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Why are the facades of historic residential buildings in Paris tilted backwards?

In any major city that features an historical center, the list of attractions advertised by tourist guides seldom includes what, in my opinion, would constitute the destination's most important part: ...
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How draw sections of stairs in autocad?

I am trying to draw a section from the front look of the unit and I am struggling with the stairs. The stairs on the plan below are located on the right side and I wish to draw the view out of them ...
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Heat storage mass vs. AIR in an ICF house

If we would want to build a family house (ICF) regarding operational costs, should we leave the insulation on the inside, or should we remove it from the inside? If we would remove it, the walls ...
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How to calculate the height of the supporting structure of an arch and the thickness of an arch in relation to its span

Please refer to the attached image. We know that if an arch is X unit wide then the supporting walls should not be less than X/4 unit width for the structural stability. I would like to understand ...
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What is the name for the principle that multiple flexible lines between two points are geometrically equivalent to only one line?

I mentioned this idea to an architect and he immediately seemed to recognize it, but no amount of googling will tell me the name of it.
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Do glass windows reflect heat? If so, how to mitigate that?

Saudi Arabia is planning a skyscraper city which is 500 m tall, 200 m wide, and 170 km long. It'll have an all-glass facade. So, a concern is that the glass will reflect the heat until the ...
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Freestanding wood frame inside masonry shell for noise?

I'm a lay neighborhood advocate, not an engineer. Proposed is a three-storey multi-family housing project adjacent to an airport. A concern is that noise pollution will create higher tenancy turnover, ...
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Looking for the name of a certain type of room

I don't know if this is the place to ask, but I am wondering about the name for a certain type of room in a building. I am thinking about the ones where it is basically like a central room, but it is ...
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Is the use of direct-expansion split systems to heat or cool exit enclosures permitted under the US model building Codes?

Most multistory buildings have enclosed exit stairways somewhere within them to provide safe egress from their non-discharge floors. In a building that relies on hydronic heating/cooling, steam ...
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