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how to release specific degree of freedom in ANSYS Workbench?

I'm designing a truss which has 9 elements in ANSYS Workbench. since it is a truss, all of the elements are truss elements and can not tolerate momentum. I used <...
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Convergence problem in polymer - silicon structural analysis

I'm trying to model a capacitive force sensor with a bilayer configuration of polymer - Si on Mechanical APDL 16.2 . I have a 0.2 mm layer of Si deposited on 0.005 mm of polyimide polymer. My goal is ...
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Please help me with 2-D Dynamic analysis in ANSYS Mechanical APDL

I'm trying to do dynamic analysis of an electric motor using Ansys Mechanical APDL. The stator has 4 pole pairs and only 1 of them has windings. The rotor has 3 pole pairs with no windings. I want to ...
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I want to model an ideal truss in ANSYS 2023 R2. The problem is that I don't know how to model the pin joints for the truss structure in ASYS APDL. This is my question: A structure consists of beam CD ...
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Error while using VWRITE command in ANSYS APDL

I am writing code in APDL for a nonlinear structural analysis of a plate. Following is the Post processing part which returns a formatting error. Help will be appreciated in identifying the problem ...
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How to set FLUID220 elements to PML in Ansys Mechanical (APDL command)

I am working on an acoustic simulation in Ansys Mechanical (2022 R2). I want to set a volume to Perfectly Matched Layers (PML) to inhibit reflections and absorb all incoming acoustic energy. As I am ...
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How to increase Physical Memory for Modal Analysis in ANSYS

I am facing following error while attempting to run Modal Analysis: There is not enough memory for the Distributed Sparse Matrix Solver to proceed using the out-of-core memory mode. The total memory ...
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How to automate "Clear Generated Data" and "Solve" actions in Ansys WorkBench?

Using Mechanical, there is automation and I can record the process, but what I wanted to do is that for it to first clear the generated data, then proceed with solve (whole model - two steps). It ...
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How do I add the nodes' IDs and locations that are situated on a helix in space to a set in ADPL?

I have a beam structure in the form of a Helix. How do I add the nodes positioned on this helix using ANSYS APDL ? I need to add the locations and IDs in separte sets.
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