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Is the AISC's Steel Construction Manual's out of plane "special case" valid for all weld groups?

In the AISC's Steel Construction Manual Table 8-4 "Coefficients C for Eccentrically Loaded Weld Groups", it mentions the Special Case where the load is not in plane with the weld group. ...
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2 votes
2 answers

AISC 360 vs AISC 341

I have been trying to determine the response coefficients for seismic analysis of Non building structures in ASCE 7-10 and found that the value of R, the response coefficient, is larger in case steel ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Biaxial flexure of steel I-beams

If an I-shaped section is loaded in two directions (in both weak and strong axes), how can I find the maximum load-carrying capacity of them beam? There is an interaction equation in AISC 360-10, ...
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Thread-locking on AISC Clevises

I have a project that includes some standard AISC clevises on threaded rods in pure tension. I am trying to find guidance on how best to address the possibility that the rod could rotate with respect ...
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