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what is the difference between jblade, qblade, and xflr5 softwares?

I am working on a propeller design, and I've came through Jblade which helped me in the airfoil design, yet as I can remember, xflr5 can also do this... doing some internet search, i found that Jblade ...
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Generating NACA airfoils with three digit maximal thickness numbers

I have two wind turbine blades, one that that consists of NACA 44xx airfoils and the other NACA 63-2xx airfoils. Some sections of these blades have airfoils whose maximal thickness are specified by ...
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How to modify Airfoil thickness

I'm writing a fusion360 adding to model windmill blades. My first goal is to model the NREL Phase IV in which the airfoils (S809) definitions come with thickness and also span station (wich I¿dont ...
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Estimating fan CFM from RPM, HP, and diameter

I am trying to determine the approximate CFM of several axial flow fans being used in agricultural storage in the developing world. The only information the storers have is the power, RPM, and ...
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Determination of a Joukowski airfoil chord (demonstration)

I'm currently studying Aerodynamics, and one thing that I noticed is that the maximum and minimum $x$ coordinate of the airfoils (which are necessary to compute the chord) on the transformed plane (...
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Lift/Drag on sheet metal airfoils

I watched a youtube video about a propeller-driven bicycle and it brought me back to my university days of designing propellers. In college, we used NACA airfoils and used the publically available ...
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