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Questions tagged [aircraft-design]

For questions about how certain features of an aircraft affect its performance and function, such as engine type or wing configuration.

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Boeing 737NG pickle fork cracking. What determines the fastener layout?

Boeing 737NG aircraft are currently being checked for cracking in the "pickle fork" assembly that attaches the fuselage to the wings. The affected joint has 4 fasteners that attach the fork to the ...
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3D matrix for staggering 5 ten degree wide bands of angle of incidence shifted by target wavelength and optical path difference in arithmetic series

Today, we came up with the idea of creating a 3 dimensional matrix where I simultaneously stagger 3 times 5 times 5 Fabry Perot band-reject interferometeric filters with ten degree wide bands of ...
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Sutherland's law for other gasses

Sutherland's Law seems to be a fairly well-accepted relationship between dynamic viscosity and temperature and was originally created to work for ideal gases, though it is often extended to be used ...
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Which optical filter to use for flat black non-glare aerospace indicator?

I am currently designing a LED light indicator for use in an aircraft cockpit replica. I’m asking for expert advice on the type of lenses to use in order to get a result similar to shown pictures. ...
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what is the difference between jblade, qblade, and xflr5 softwares?

I am working on a propeller design, and I've came through Jblade which helped me in the airfoil design, yet as I can remember, xflr5 can also do this... doing some internet search, i found that Jblade ...
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In Raymer diagram “Take off parameter- Take off distance”, what is the difference among “balanced field length”, “over 50 ft”, “ground roll”?

Raymer in his book Suggests a method to find Wing Loading W/S (for example we consider jet with 2 engines) (starting from specific thrust T/W, CLto, density/reference density etc.). In step 1: he ...
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Is a centrifuge force-based levitation system operable in the real world?

In the sci-fi comic Betelgeuse, the artist Leo presents a flying car with an unusual system for levitation and propulsion. The interesting point is that at the end of the comic, there is a page on ...
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Pitot and static port placement - How to choose the ideal location

Forgive the this topic placement as it might be similar to other older ones (Although I a bit sure that the main contents might be different than other older ones). In the upcoming days I will have a ...
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