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Questions about the control, measurement and regulation of air contaminants impacting public health and/or visibility. Do not use this tag for questions specific to greenhouse gases and climate impact.

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Opposing orientation of multi-stage particulate filter in Nitrogen separation/purification system

I recently purchased an assortment of parts taken out of a Nano Purifications Nitrogen Generator, one of the parts included was a two stage filter for removing particulates from the air stream. The ...
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Are air exchange rates (AER or air change rates) under estimates or over estimates?

Doing a problem set where I need to deduce the air exchange rate of a building, and ran into this conceptual question. My gut instinct is to think that AERs are overestimates because the measures that ...
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Applications of CO$_2$ sensors [closed]

I am working on a project where I am creating a new type of CO2 sensor. (I can't give details on the functionalities). I am looking for applications to showcase the capabilities and the usefulness of ...
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How can I calculate the requirements of a fan to obtain a defined airflow after a HEPA filter?

I would like to understand how can I calculate the requirements of a fan in the following scenario. I want to obtain some airflow (m^3/h or CFM)after a HEPA filter. I have found some specification ...
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What would happen if the air conditioning failed in a skyscraper for an extended period?

I'm writing some fiction which involves the AC in a modern glass curtain skyscraper (50-80 floors?) in an American city failing for a period of weeks, maybe even for up to two months. Could anybody ...
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Is this an isenthalpic process?

My professor told us that If we spray water in dry air the process is on an Isenthalpic line of the Mollier diagram. Is it always true? if yes, can you explain me why?
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Should we use exhaust fans during wildfire smoke?

We have exhaust fans in our baths, kitchen and master closets. There are wildfires with a lot of smoke. Our house has HVAC and was recently remodeled. Should we use exhaust fans?
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Do high speed trains use ventilation and filtration systems similar to aircraft?

This article discusses the ventilation and filtration in aircraft: Ventilation rates provide a total change of air 20 to 30 times per hour. Most modern aircraft have recirculation systems, which ...
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HVAC Bag Filter Backwash

I need to install a replacement air handler in a facility that has an area where a large volume of particulates are in the air. Unfortunately, the previous designer tried to get away with the ...
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Single Split Air Conditioner & Supply/Exhaust Fan

First Question Does single split AC (the type with evaporator indoor and compressor outdoor) vent or exhaust air outside and thereby create negative air pressure in the room? Reason being I am ...
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How to purify/treat air smell produced by a kitchen?

Ignore the ugly look. Sometimes I cooked food with very strong smell. That smell sometimes is not expected by many neighbors, they protested. Rather than to use exhaust fan, I considered to install ...
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What is the shelf life of HEPA filters?

I was not sure on which site to ask this question, but I guess Engineering might do well from the aspect of matter. I am wondering, what is the shelf life of a HEPA filter, can I just buy a few of ...
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EU EN standard 1822 vs US HEPA filters

There's a EU EN standard 1822 for air filters that has seen several iterations. The pre-2009 versions of EN 1822 (which seems to have come out in 1998) were pretty confusing as they allowed poorer ...
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How to select a smartphone IR camera for VOC monitoring [closed]

I am currently working on a problem involving volatile organic compounds (VOC) source monitoring on some oil and gas transportation environment. I think using infrared (IR) cameras could be a ...
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How to filter outside air during wildfire to safe breathable level?

I've had an experience of having outside air heavily polluted by wildfire smoke, and now I'm reading up on the wildfire happening in Southeast Asia. When the air outside got too polluted to breathe, I ...
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Why did Volkswagen use special software ONLY during emissions testing? [duplicate]

As we all know, Volkswagen is in the middle of a scandal centered on its use of special software to lower tailpipe emissions during standard emission testing protocols. What I don't understand is why ...
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How was Volkswagen able to trick the lab pollution test?

The recent Volkswagen pollution test cheating scandal has shocked many people with its widespread extent as well as how it was hidden for so many years. Last year, the International Council on ...
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Is there a more active passive technique for removing humidity from the air besides salt blocks?

We can get really humid days sometimes. Recently I was digging around in boxes and found some old mineral specimens, and I set out a few of the salt crystal rocks. I soon found that they had pools of ...
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How long does it take for dust to settle out of the air?

In order to make this a manageable question, let's add a few simplifications. The dust particles can be well described as uniform spheres of radius $R$ and density $\rho$. The space is enclosed ...
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Which component of vehicle tailpipe emissions has the greatest social cost?

Emissions Emissions from vehicles have an associated social cost for everyone. We hear a lot about CO2, but CO2 is not the only thing that comes out of a tailpipe. From Wikipedia, emissions ...
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How do cyclonic vacuum cleaners maintain collection efficiency with constant motion and changes in orientation?

Anyone used to doing housework has probably noticed that vacuum cleaners come in both "bagged" and "bagless" varieties. If you're of a certain age, you may have noticed when these "bagless" vacuums ...
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