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Aerospace engineering is the primary branch of engineering concerned with the research, design, development, construction, and testing of aircraft and spacecraft.

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Will high velocity air directed underneath a half-toroid shaped Coanda saucer by a centrifugal impeller create a lifting force?

I would like to know if a lifting force will be created by the Coanda effect from high velocity air that is directed underneath a half-toroid shaped saucer by a centrifugal impeller. I am seeking an ...
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Is interference between aircraft an issue for fly-by-wireless technology?

I was reading up on fly-by-wire development, and I saw a short section about fly-by-wireless technology. It seems like a great idea, with the potential to lower costs, weight and complexity. I can see ...
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As a president of my university rocket club. Would it be easier for me to get an internship/job in an aeronautical company? [closed]

Became president of a rocket club. Since I'm kind of new to this whole internship/job stuff (haven't had any in the past) so I'm wondering if this would contribute towards it? Also, what should I do ...
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How to make smoke for a small wind tunnel?

I am making a small (desktop) wind tunnel for educational purposes, I want to have 10 fairly thick smoke-streams about 3cm apart. I have experimented with incense but the stream is not thick enough ...
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Is the main goal for wind turbines to take maximum energy for a given diameter?

If you increase the number of blades, that will increase torque, for the same RPM you get more power,...simple logic So why only three blades, is main goal for wind turbine take maximum energy for ...
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How can I go about learning aerospace/space engineering Pre-College? [closed]

I am 16 years old and have grown a real interest in engineering and just rockets in general, I am unsure of how I can start learning about it though. I am obviously not yet eligible for college but I ...
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Normal Shockwaves occurrence at cone tip with Angle Theta

I have a question regarding shockwaves. So as far as my knowledge, a flow moving at Ma= 1 will create a normal shockwave ($arcsin(1/Ma)$) , and a flow moving faster will cause an oblique shockwave. So ...
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