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Is the main goal for wind turbines to take maximum energy for a given diameter?

If you increase the number of blades, that will increase torque, for the same RPM you get more power,...simple logic So why only three blades, is main goal for wind turbine take maximum energy for ...
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How does a stator convert velocity into pressure?

I'm looking for, hopefully, a qualitative answer to how a compressor increases pressure. I understand the equations that predict this result but I can't picture it in my head. A rotor spins, ...
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Does the terminal velocity of a sphere in free drop increase with increasing diameter?

I was trying today to calculate the terminal velocity of a hailstones with increasing diameter and mass. I was trying to figure out if larger hailstones will have a higher impact velocity or lower. I ...
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What is the optimal streamlined shape?

We all know the typical streamline shape which looks like a tear. But what is the optimum shape (for speeds 0-200 km/h)? Is the front a half sphere or is it an ovoid? How are the sides and the end ...
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Normal Shockwaves occurrence at cone tip with Angle Theta

I have a question regarding shockwaves. So as far as my knowledge, a flow moving at Ma= 1 will create a normal shockwave ($arcsin(1/Ma)$) , and a flow moving faster will cause an oblique shockwave. So ...
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Why did the Mythbuster's dimple car get better fuel economy?

I'm trying to understand why the Mythbuster's dimple car gets better fuel economy - if it actually would as I'm not I understand that a golf ball functions by creating turbulent air flow and via the ...
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