I am trying to perform simple 2D CFD analysis on Fluent having 3 adjacent zones(inlet, porous and outlet). Zones figure

The problem I have is whenever I select non-equilibrium thermal model in porous zone in Cell Zone Conditions (as follows) enter image description here

I get the following error:

A duplicate of this zone cannot be generated automatically, as it contains a non-conformal mesh interface.

You must manually make a copy the porous fluid zone and define it as a solid zone before you enable the non-equilibrium thermal model.

AFAIK, a non-conformal mesh interface is an interface which does not have equal number of nodes on both sides, but it seems to me (visually) that I have an equal number of nodes on both sides (between zones):

enter image description here

So how can I make sure that I have conformal mesh interface between the fluid zones and the porous zone?


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I found the issue addressed in Fluent user guide:

Parts are groups or collections of bodies. Parts can include multiple bodies and are then referred to as multibody parts. If your geometry contains multiple parts then each part will be meshed with separate meshes with no connection between them, even if they apparently share faces.

You can convert a geometry which has multiple parts into one with a single part by using the Form New Part functionality in the ANSYS DesignModeler application. Simply select all of the bodies and then select Tools > Form New Part. If you have an external geometry file that has multiple parts that you wish to mesh with one mesh, then you will have to import it into the DesignModeler application first and perform this operation, rather than importing it directly into the ANSYS Meshing application.

From DesignModeler:

enter image description here

The whole geometry is now a one part (still with separate zones) with a conformal interface between the zones.


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