I need to replace a solenoid valve, and I need help in identifying the specifications that I should check for an equivalent replacement.

This is a picture of the valve itself:

solenoid valve
Click for larger image

If it matters, the valve is used to control water flow with a whole house humidifier. The required inlet and outlet pipe sizes are understandably constrained by the existing piping.

This site provides a good overview of the terminology involved, but also mentions a few terms that aren't listed on the label. Their review is echoed by this site, which covers many of the same terms.

My online searching has yielded a couple of suggested equivalent parts, as well as a different version of the value offered by the OEM of the humidifier. Some of the suggested equivalent parts are roughly half the price of the OEM replacement part. But I would like to make sure that I'm truly buying an equivalent part.

What specifications do I need to verify before purchasing a replacement solenoid valve?

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    – GisMofx
    Jan 20, 2016 at 15:37

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You need verify that your replacement has:

  • 1/16" orifice(commonly available)
  • Now, what are the size of the theads on the inlet and outlet(1/8" npt?) it might be stamped somewhere on the valve body. Also, unscrew the 90deg adapter and check.
  • 24/60 would indicate 24volts AC at 60Hz.(not very common) If you can check the two lines connecting the solenoid with a multimeter you can verify this yourself.
  • the wattage of the valve: 6 watts?(hard to see)
  • it looks like a standard brass housing
  • Normally Open or Normally Closed? (NO, NC) When NOT energized, is there flow through the valve?
  • Is it suitable/designed for your application? Water.

Once you can answer all of these questions, you can easily find a replacement valve.

Also, check ebay/google/amazon by description of part/machine/Serial Numbers on valve and/or by valve specifications. You'll likely find what you need there as well. I did a quick search and found several likely replacements.


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