I have to build an egg tray. The material used for such trays is 2 mm stainless steel welding rods.

When I queried nearby workshops they said a TIG welder is needed to weld such material and it is very difficult to weld such thin rods: they bend or lose temper. I don't have a TIG welder. Is there a cost-effective and simple way to do this?

I also found an article about soldering stainless steel. I have a soldering iron. Can stainless steel be soldered with the soldering iron used for circuit soldering? What type of flux and lead would I need? Will it produce an effective and permanent bond?


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I think brazing would be correct for your application. Unless, the entire tray system needs to be stainless steel for hygienic and/or anti-corrosive reasons. Brazing is like soldering, you likely may be able to find a smaller handheld torch and the correct brazing rod for less than the cost of a TIG welding service. Also, it will require some skill and practice to get it right.

Also, depending on your budget, you may want to look into a spot welder. That might do the trick for you. Or, speak with a sheet metal fabrication shop and ask them if they can spot weld your trays.


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