What is the difference between an automatic transmission (AT) and an automated manual transmission (AMT)?


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In answering this question I'm assuming you already know the difference between an Automatic Transmission (AT) and a Manual Transmission (MT).

Conventional Automatic Transmission (AT)

  • Minimal to no power interruption
  • Automatic moving-off
  • Various gear ratios
  • Efficiency: 90-95%

Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)

Functionality is the same as a Z-speed manual transmission in constant-mesh or synchromesh but the process of shifting gears and moving off are automated.

  • Power interruption like a manual transmission (MT)
  • Automatic moving-off
  • Efficiency: 92-97% (pretty much the same as a MT)
  • Reputation for poor shift quality and reliability

There are more - I wasn't sure if you were looking for functional differences or characteristics. See the reference I've provided for more info - it is a fantastic textbook.


Automotive Transmissions: Fundamentals, Selection, Design and Application (Naunheimer et al.)

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