I have a frame, it consists of steel beams and my flooring is a composite deck. It consists of composite beams that are hinged to my steel frame beams. Composite beams do not transfer moments. Now, when I design with Etab, it gives me the error $lb/ry = 0.086*e/fy$ on my External frame beams. To solve this, I hold my frame beam from 3 different points.

enter image description here

As seen in the figure. First of all, why doesn't the program calculate external frame beams as composite beams? It calculates them as steel beams. My other question is: If you pay attention, we do not hold the composite beams anywhere against buckling. (lb/ry does not comply with the 0.086*e/fy rule) However, this is not an error for the program. Is this because the composite beams are connected hinged (moment transferring)?



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