I'm studying welding-induced residual stresses for curved steel plates.

So, I need to use the INISTATE code taking initial stresses. This is the picture that I want to analyze.

enter image description here

I divided a curved plate into 4 for taking different initial stresses. enter image description here

And, I used function-based inistate codes. (Mat 2&3)'s stress function : y=0.533x - 128.524 & y=-0.533x - 128.524

[These are symmetric about x=0]

So, I wrote the inistate code like that. (INISTATE code is based on element coordinate system. In the element coordinate system, the x-axis and y-axis directions are swapped. As a result, the residual stress component in the y-axis direction[global reference] was inputted in the x-axis direction[element coordinate system].) enter image description here

[This is my question point]

What I'm curious about here is that when I look at the stress distribution in the y-axis direction at the first timestep in the analysis results, it's not showing a symmetrical residual stress distribution. I'm wondering what the issue might be. enter image description here

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