Are all autonomous vehicles (self driving cars) electric vehicles (EV) or some are also internal combustion engines (ICE)?

I was having a discussion with my friend and he was insisting that all artificial intelligence based cars are EV but I don't agree with him as I think artificial intelligence (self driving) is being applied to the navigation aspects of the car, not to other aspects of the vehicle like the propulsion system that can be EV or ICE.

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Vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE) have been used and are being used in autonomous vehicles.

One of the stated aims for using autonomous vehicles from this site is to reduce CO2 emissions.

If you look at pictures of test vehicles used companies developing autonomous vehicles for use in urban and city environments you'll see vehicles having radiator grills.

The mining company Rio Tinto has a fleet of autonomous haulage trucks in at least one iron ore mine in Western Australia. The trucks are all diesel powered. It has also expanded the fleet to include water trucks. All the trucks are controlled remotely from Perth, in excess of 2000 km away.

Rio Tinto is also working with Scania to develop smaller ICE haulage trucks for use as autonomous vehicles.

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