I'm currently building a project named camshaft mechanism medical ventilator. One of the objective of my project is to get the pressure flow graph from my user. I succesfully build my camshaft. However, i stucked on pressure related problems even tho i searched it for more than 1 weeks.

  1. What are the pressure sensor that i should use. ( there's is alot of pressure sensor as some websites says mems pressure suit the most some says barometric pressure, and im totally confused.)

  2. How should it be installed so that i can measure my pressure data. (I don't see any source or material that i can refer so that i can understand the mechanism)

The pressure flow graph is around 1:42 in the link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgAR4yWDsg0&t=73s

Thank you!



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