I'm trying to build a Z-Axis for mounting a camera to it. Overall weight would be around 20-30kg that's needed to lift. Now I'm struggling at a certain point of decision. I have 2 HGR20 steel linear rails with a length of 1200mm. Those I want to attached with M5 screews to a 12mm aluminum 5083 plate. Each 60mm the rail is attached with a screw. On the back of that plate I considered two pieces for stabilization which I would mount with M4x20 countersunk head screws every 60mm or 120mm. I have now two options:

  1. placing the stabilization right behind the rail
  2. or on the edge of the plate.

my thoughts: 2) is easier to aligne

  1. maybe more robust? but it may make the plate/underground more uneaven and so the linear rail?

What would you suggest me? I'm having hard times to decide what's best?

enter image description here



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