I've made the following oddity in Solidworks:

3D object in 3D viewer, front

3D object in 3D viewer, isometric

3D object in 2D drawing, front, with dimensions

3D object in 2D drawing, top, with dimensions

All the dimensions are known except for the top part. This is probably because this was done using the Lofted Boss/Base feature. The Loft profile goes (top-view) from the big circle at 90° to the small circle at 180°.

Now I know what the part should look like, I want to copy the exact dimensions so I can replicate this effect with proper tools that do work with adjustable values and dimensions.

How would I got about that? It's basically a feature between two circles, so a combination of a Spline and Sweep seems like a good start. Getting the values right would probably take some work but is doable (the thin part of the neck is roughly 10mm). But then? Do I need a helix of sorts to get that twist in? I have no idea on how to continue from here.

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    $\begingroup$ Your loft is not fully defined, as evidenced by the twist artefacts. This part should be made with a revolve, not a loft. $\endgroup$ May 22 at 14:49


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