First of all, I apologize for lack of information, but I have to start somewhere.

For those who have knowledge about this topic, can you tell me how PC can not handle more than 8 cameras while DVR/NVR handle many more? I wonder if DVR/NVR uses special technique or its hardware is designed that way to handle cameras ? Or is it about the cameras that are special for /dedicated to DVRs/NVRs?


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It's going to be difficult to answer your question when the foundation of the question is in error. A search using "linux dvr software" returns many options. I selected the first and did a little digging.

Bluecherry is a Linux (PC) based program which allows one to use a computer as a DVR. The license page (linked) references an upper limit of 150 cameras.

I did not dig deeper, but I've seen other Linux DVR systems in the past, many of which are free. One of the free programs I've found is Universal CMS DVR which references in the setup instructions up to 64 cameras.

With wireless cameras and network connected cameras, one is not limited to USB ports or similar related capacity restrictions.

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