I'm reading an engine generator parameter schedule that has three different kVA values listed. The standby generators have "Service Load (maximum)", "Service Load (continuous)", and "Motor Starting kVA (Max.)" values called out. Gen 1 (in the plans) is a 100 kW gen (0.8 PF, 125 kVA). Gen 2 is an 800 kW (0.8 PF, 1000kVA from plans). Below are the corresponding values found in the generator parameter schedule.

  1. "Service Load (maximum)" Gen 1 150kVA, Gen 2 1000kVA
  2. "Service Load (continuous)" Gen 1 120kVA, Gen 2 500kVA
  3. "Motor Starting kVA (Max.)" Gen 1 125kVA, Gen 2 1000kVA

I need to check these values for consistency with the plans. Isn’t the motor starting to be typically greater than the maximum service load? Which one of these values relates to the nameplate value depicted in the plans?

Example spec below https://www.wbdg.org/FFC/DOD/UFGS/UFGS%2026%2032%2015.00.pdf



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