Hi ive been given this question:

A wavelength demultiplexer (DMUX) used in a DWDM communication system has a channel spacing of 100 GHz. The operating pass band of each channel is 50 GHz. The transmission wavelength response of the DMUX depends linearly on temperature with a sensitivity 𝑑𝜆/𝑑𝑇 = 0.12 nm ℃−1 .If a laser of wavelength 1531 nm is centred in the pass band of the DMUX, calculate the required temperature stability ∆𝑇 of the DMUX.

The given answer is +-1.63 degrees celicius however ive tried to work it out as follows:

Allowed change in wavelength = 3 *10^8 / 25GHz = 0.012 m

Allowed change in temperature = change in wavelength/sensitivity = 0.012/0.12*10^-9 = 10^8

The answer im getting is very wrong, so any help would be much appreciated!


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