I am modelling a CMC plate bolted to a superalloy plate in ANSYS Mechanical. I set up the orthropic material properties of the CMC from literature (x,y,z modulus and max stress), and I am using the maximum stress failure criterion. My degradation rule currently constitutes a 0 compressive stiffness degradation (fibre/matrix), a full stiffness degradation for fibre tension, and a partial degradation for matrix tension according to the material bilinear model.

My degradation model is inspired from literature, and I am assuming that matrix degradation leads to partial stiffness reduction according to stress-strain experimental data.

  • I know that using the TB,ANISO and TBDATA commands I can somehow input specific bilinear plasticity data, but how can I do this along side ANSYS Mechanical with a command?
  • Also, to extract load-displacment data I ran a basic parametric analysis and increased loading. How can I run this iteratively until full failure of the CMC part?

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