I am in need of around 700-800 posts to fence my farm in a semi-arid area in TN state, India. In my place granite posts mined from quarries are normally used. It costs around Rs 300-400 per post(6-7ft). I want to use plain cement post instead of the costly granite post. As it has no rebar, it costs around Rs 170-200, and as it has no iron, it can have long life without corrosion. The posts are used to tie 6-7 nos of GI barbed wire to safeguard the property.

I want to know , whether its feasible to use PCC post for fencing. If its not, how to incorporate iron rebars without the risk of corrosion in the long run. Please suggest.

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    $\begingroup$ It is possible, but concrete without ductile reinforcement is too brittle to resist lateral force. You shall consult with a structural engineer, to figure out the minimum amount of steel needed to serve your purpose. $\endgroup$ – r13 Mar 20 at 12:09
  • $\begingroup$ Rebar life will be good in an "arid" location ; concrete bending strength will be poor with no rebar. $\endgroup$ – blacksmith37 Mar 20 at 14:21

It’s interesting that you know the price. Is there a supplier - if so, contact customers for their experience.

It’s my opinion that an un-reinforced post will break during lifting due to the bending moment tension within the concrete.

I wouldn’t expect corrosion of the reinforcement to be a problem. The steel should be at the center and covered by concrete. Not exposed to sea water mist.

He is a link to a design manual from cooperative extension outreach. Concrete Fence Posts

Here is a photo from a supplier website showing deterioration: “Buy Our Brand”Australian Concrete Posts


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