I am trying to do the Automatic Tooth's CAD Compare for Tooth crowns preparation. One software for this work is the PrepCheck software and do it like shown below (YouTube video)]6

enter image description here

So it must be done by on the 32 Constant Geometrical characteristic for the teeth as said here.

If possible, I am asking about finding the best Open source CAD compare Software to do this automatic calculation?

I guess the CloudCompare could be a candidate, For doing it. For this, it needs to write some scripts for:

  1. Finding every one of 32 tooth locations by Artificial intelligence CAD Segmentation (like said here and here) or ...,

  2. Doing the compare by some automatic scripts for that location in STL file.

So, The question is for finding the proper software to do this procedure on it (blender or ...), by finding some popular Open source CAD software for this calculation I could find some sample codes via GitHub and Paperswithcode site, better.


Excuse me, If having too much information. This is because, I have tried to ask this question as a guideline to do this project, for myself or others (by adding the search links and ...),


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This question may be better suited for the software recommendation SE and perhaps could be migrated.

Consider that Meshlab meets a couple of your requirements. It's open source and has a comparison capability:

Measuring the geometric difference between two 3D models using Hausdorff Distance is a common approach in mesh processing. Many years ago (in 1997!), the Visual Computing Lab developed and freely distributed what become the standard tool for such task, Metro; the related paper has been cited more than one thousand times. While the original Metro tool was a small open source standalone command line program (still available at our web site), MeshLab offers now much more advanced functionalities for comparing two meshes, that also compute signed distance and may work on point clouds.

Text and image from linked site.

comparing mesh image


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