I want to simulate the core and the winding losses in an inductor using Ansys Maxwell when imprinted with a triangular pulse(positive RMS Current). I am doing a DC simulation to get the inductance matrix to get an equivalent inductance(To get the ripple current). Then an AC simulation with the current harmonic (3 harmonics)of the triangular pulse.

Is there any way to have a complete automation of the AC And DC losses, such that the simulation is optimized using parameterization? What I want to do on Ansys is: optimize the dimensions of the inductor core and the windings so that I get the lower losses and no saturation in the core. So for each dimension, there is a DC simulation and also AC simulation to calculate all the losses, and accordingly, there is a parametric sweep and we get an optimum configuration of the inductor considering the AC as well as DC losses together.


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