According to some answers, in 3 cylinder , 4 stroke we have power stroke each 240°, as we have 1500 rev. Of 720° in this rpm, so we will have this: 1500 x 1.5 = 2250 power stroke at 3000 rpm, is it right?


A 1 cylinder 4 stroke at 3000 rpm will have 1500 power strokes,

So 1500 * 3 is 4500 power strokes.

Based on a 4 stroke engine needing two crank revolutions to complete the full cycle of intake, compression, power and exhaust.

  • A single cylinder engine will have one power stroke every two rotations.
  • At 3,000 RPM it will have 1500 power strokes.
  • A three-cylinder engine will have 3 × 1500 = 4500 power strokes per minute.

Where did you go wrong?

... we have power stroke each 240°, ...

OK so far.

... as we have 1500 rev. Of 720° in this rpm, ...

An odd way of looking at it, but OK.

so we will have this: 1500 x 1.5 = 2250 power stroke at 3000 rpm?

No, you'll have $ 1500 \times \frac {720}{240} = 1500 \times 3 = 4500 $.

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