A neighbor has a Nokia RM 1187 with erratic behavior: sometimes it was fine, then pressing one key triggers another, and now the on/off key is not working and the phone does not turn on. All contacts from A to I are missing from the SIM card; in switching SIM cards to another phone and back to this one, it's possible that this erratic phone transferred those contacts to the phone memory. I opened the case and the phone looked spotless with no signs of water damage, galvanic or salt corrosion. The phone has one large chip that seems to take care of most of the phone's functionality, the horizontal one visible from the back without the battery:

phone without battery

I have now created two backups of the current contacts, so those are safe.

I would still like to recover the previous ones in case they are on the phone. I need the phone to turn on to create a backup of contacts to a microSD card. When I charge the phone, it shows NOKIA and an animated charging sign. When I connect it to the computer, the same thing happens and it does not show as an external disk. I tried pressing each key for 4 seconds and it did not turn on.

phone upon chargingphone after charging

How can I turn on this phone with a failing on/off button, or how can I access the phone memory to look for contacts?

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    $\begingroup$ I would suggest, you take it to your (cell network) carrier's store and ask them for assistance. $\endgroup$
    – Jim Clark
    Jan 31 at 13:30

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