Why people always say K-Jetronic will not work with high performance high duration cams and because of this the K-Jetronic equipped engines will not be making lots of power. In Bruce Andersons book "Porsche 911 Performance Handbook" he says that get rid of K-Jetronic and replace it with Weber carburettors or modern EFI if you want to make power. But then there are race cars like Porsche 934 RSR Turbo that used K-Jetronic it made 485HP @7000RPM , Ferrari 308 GTB Group 4 it used K-Jet and it made 310HP @8000RPM , Peugeot 205 T16 E1/E2 both E1 and E2 used K-jet and they made 350HP @8000RPM and 550HP @7600RPM respectively , Audi Quattro Group 4 also used K-Jet and it made 320HP @6500RPM. If K-Jet sucks so much in terms of making power , then how did these cars accomplish these powers at these high rpms? them making their peak power at 7-8k rpm suggests that they are using high performance high duration cams but people say k-jet doesnt work with them. How did they managed to make K-Jet work in race cars with high performance cams etc back in those days?

  • $\begingroup$ Why don’t you start with the D jetronic and work your way up? $\endgroup$
    – Solar Mike
    Jan 25 '21 at 21:55

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