I'm looking for products that can be used as non-toxic PVC plasticizers.

I've used ATBC as a product that I can add to, for example, the inside of a pool toy, which with time absorbs it and becomes softer.

The problem I want to solve is to find readily available products that are made of ATBC or other non-toxic plasticizer, and that can be absorbed in the same manner.

The only one I've found and used is Sculpey Clay Softener which is composed by 100% ATBC, but this is very expensive: https://www.amazon.com/-/pt/dp/B0047V7A56/ref=sr_1_13?__mk_pt_BR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=sculpey+clay+softener&qid=1608119391&sr=8-13

Are there any other, more common and readily available, items that are composed by ATBC or other product that performs the same task?

An alternative plasticizer that is of higher quality, i.e. leaks out at a smaller rate or doesn't compromise the strength of the PVC, would be even better. My main objective is to make the item softer, but without making it a lot more susceptible to popping and avoiding products that might be toxic/damaging when absorbed by skin.


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