so this question is to do with coursework, but I just need some guidance as I am not exactly sure where I'm going wrong. I missed my 2 weeks of practical classes due to my roommate having covid-19, so was forced to teach myself the programme. The only part I'm struggling with is how I make the graphs work, I'd assume that I am missing something obvious that needs to be added. I will also add the only piece of work ive been given to go off by my lecturer so that it does show what I am aiming to complete.

Below is the circuit I have drawn up, question 1 I have skipped over just so I could have everything in place before I go back to it.

Work I'm needed to complete

Edit: I hadn't tested the programme when I added graphs for the current loads. But have seen the errors but is something id fix once I knew how to make a working graph.

Edit: Updated with correct graphs, got some work to do. Updated circuit

Edit: Circuit now with loads A, B and C having the current measured.


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