I've been trying to calculate the correct spindle speed and feed rate for my setup and it took me to some absurd settings. Can you do the math and check the sources hand in hand with me, plase?

My spindle is 2.2kW with up to 24k rpm. I am trying to use a 6mm (1/4inch) straight flat flute end mill on an 25mm (1 inch) MDF. My machine is specified (by the suplier) only for up to 3000mm/min cutting speed (and 6000 in rapid movement).

I used this site for reference on desited chip load (https://www.cutter-shop.com/information/chip-load-chart.html)

It says I should cut a chip of .013” (0.3302 mm) at the minimum.

enter image description here

When I entered this number into Fusion 360 it resulted in feed rates so high that I had to reduce spindle speed to 1 / 8 of what it is capable of:

enter image description here

Please tell me, is that right or what else could be wrong? I'm also a bit worried that the pulse driver spindle may not have enough power on such low speed.


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