I live in a very smokey and dry area where people are advised to use air purifiers. Since it's also dry I'm curious what affects, if any, adding a humidifier to a room with an air purifier would have?

When I looked into it, it seems like moisture can affect pollution and actually bring it down to the ground level e.g creating smog, so it seems like adding a humidifier to a room with an air purifier must have some effect but what that effect would be is hard to figure out.

  • Would the increased humidity cause particles to stick to the water and be easier to pick up by an air filter?
  • Would it just help my body absorb the pollution better and not the filter at all so it's actually worse?
  • Nothing, something, else?

Any concrete advice would, of course, be appreciated too, like:

  • Do NOT run a humidifier
  • Run a humidifier but only if it's an atomizer
  • Run a humidifier but only in front of your air purifier to pull pollution out quicker
  • Etc

Thanks for the time!


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