We have uploaded PMS database with bottom-up fatigue cracking in csv. and PMED in dgpx. file into CAT program (Calibration Assistant Tool) trying to do the coefficient optimization. However, at the initial verification step before any optimization, the predicted data from PMED dgpx. file showing in CAT keeps zero although the total fatigue cracking originally predicted in dgpx. file is not zero. We check the bottom-up fatigue cracking in dgpx. file is zero while the total fatigue cracking is not zero. We are wondering which fatigue cracking data was extracted from PMED into the CAT? If we want to use total fatigue cracking from PMED, is there any specific field name? We can only find "FatigueBU" one. Thanks!

  • $\begingroup$ Was your question related to a flexible pavement rehabilitation design or a new pavement? $\endgroup$ – Chadley08 Jun 26 at 14:51

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