I don't understand p 24 of this PDF from Rystad Energy. I ask about 1 ('Available crude working storage capacity (inversed)') and 2 here. I'm guessing that Rystad Energy graphed 1 and 2 with negative 'Storage' merely to save space and to shun exhibiting positive 1 and 2 on another graph?

How do I interpret this juxtaposition of 'inversed' and their being on the negative axis for 'Storage or capacity (Million barrels)'? Does the 'inversed' mean that Storage is actually positive, because the Storage is negative but you're inversing the negativity?

enter image description here


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It just appears to be a clumsy way to show both crude and gasoline storage capacity on the same chart. I agree with your assessment though, the values are "inversed" on the vertical axis, so the -600 value on April 30 corresponds to +600.


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