I'm a student currently working on a market research project on the HVACR industry, and I'm having trouble nailing down a simple answer to these questions (it may be there are no simple answers, as so far it seems like it varies on many factors of the data center).

  1. What is the typical airflow/air exchange rate of a data center? Is it stressful on the buildings HVACR system or energy cost?
  2. How important is humidity control in data centers?

Thanks in advance!


So many factors:

How much heat does the equipment give out?

What is the required ambient temperature?

Does the humidity need to be controlled?

Does the environment need fresh air - do people work in there?

What is the volume? How much air needs to be moved? And how many times per hour?

Once you can start to give values for these you can start to work out the cooling capacity required, the volume flow rate and the pumping capabilty needed.

Once you have those then you can work out the energy input needed and that will lead you to the costs.

Also consider all sources of heat ie does it have windows - does that allow solar heating? Are there cooler areas that need to be considered as well...

Not an easy problem, needs careful analysis of many factors.


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