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Magnetization characteristics and static characteristics of SR motor from Ansys Maxwell

Are there any people in the community who are more or less familiar with Ansis Maxwell's CPM modeling?

I ran into a new small problem that I have not figured out yet (I seem to have found a solution to the questions from the previous topic).

I need to calculate the dependence of the phase inductance on the angle of rotation. A new problem is that the inductance value does not change when the current changes (even if we make the current equal to zero in all phases, we still get the inductance on the graph).

Moreover, I noticed that this inductance coincides with the inductance of the air gap from Rmhpert. In addition, if you set the current in only one phase, the inductance of all three phases is still displayed on the graph.

I ask for help in finding out the reasons for this.

  • $\begingroup$ I did like this: In Maxwell-> Design Properties, I checked the Matrix Computation-> Compute Inductance Matrix. In addition, I replaced Type of Excitations (Phase A,B,C) from Current to Voltage and set the parameters of the winding as they are indicated in MachSir. He also experimented with Type Current - the results have not changed. $\endgroup$ – dtn May 1 '20 at 10:40

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