I generated different 2D microstructures with different fibers volumetric fraction (basically a square representing the matrix and a lot of small rectangles inside, with different measures and random orientations, representing the fibers). I'm attaching a figure to be clearer. enter image description hereTo run the simulations using Abaqus I need to define the properties of the fibers (the rectangles), but how do I set the properties according to the main axis of each fibers considering that I have random orientations? I cannot manually set the axis orientations for each fiber, it would be too timeconsuming considering that I have configurations with 40% of fibers (more than 400). I need to find a way to set the properties according to the main axis of the fibers (rectangles). To be more specific, I created an RSA alghoritm in Matlab to create the random distribution of fibers. Then, I create the main square (representing the matrix of the composite) in Abaqus and I create the fibers by partion, importing the generated fibers distribution as a sketch. Thank you all for your attention.



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