I would like to perform several FEM simulations on a given mesh with ABAQUS, where only the orientation of an element set would change in between.

Currently, I'm just generating several inp files (see an example below) and I run them one after the other. But this has the inconvenience to reload every time the mesh, which takes time due to its large size.

Would there be a way to load the mesh only once, perform the simulations, save the results in a file, modify the orientation (orientation label going from ORI_1 to ORI_X), reperform the simulation, save in another file and so on?

I thank you in advance, Regards, R.B.

*Solid Section, elset=AllE, material=Matrix, ORIENTATION=Matrix
*Solid Section, elset=MID, material=CRYSTAL, ORIENTATION=ORI_123

*Step, NLGEOM=NO, name=Step-1
1., 1, 1e-05, 1.
*Output, field
*element output, POSITION=CENTROIDAL, elset=AllE
*End Step

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Easiest way would be creating n no of input files with orientation corresponding to orientation_i with the help of some programming language and run all of them as a batch either with a simple python script or directly in the command prompt.

For example the python script would be,

myJob1 = mdb.JobFromInputFile(<jobName>, <inputFile_i>)

Repeating this n of times as required save as a python script and run it inside Abaqus CAE.

Or in command prompt,

abaqus job=<inputFile_i> interactive

over n times

Another way would be using *PARAMETER keyword available in Abaqus.

For more information, look at PARAMETER keyword and JobFromInputFile in abaqus documentation.


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