I have parameterized the following common bulkhead tank, which has cylindrical walls (easy enough) and ellipsoidal bulkheads. The upper tank is full of a fluid of density 800 kg/m^3 and the lower is full of a fluid of density 1141 kg/m^3. Dimensions are in m, internal tank pressure (in green) is in 10s of kPa. I assume the shared bulkhead is perfectly rigid & no pressure is transmitted between tanks.

I am trying to calculate the principal stress components in the ellipsoidal bulkheads so that I can obtain full-body radial and longitudinal stress profiles. I can't find any information on how to do this, or (better yet) a generalized approach to determining surface stresses from pressure in non-spherical or non-cylindrical situations. I'm not an engineer by training & I have trouble knowing where to start with this. Help?

enter image description here


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