I have a need for a pump that can suck a vapor from a 0.1 atm environment, and flow into a 1 atm environment. I know that there are electrical pumps that can do this. But are there any pumps like this that can be operated manually? (powered by hand or body weight)

  • $\begingroup$ Yes. What flow rate do you need? What size constraints do you have? This is certainly possible but we can't recommend anything specific without way more information. $\endgroup$ Jan 30 '20 at 0:28

I've owned a hand-held pistol-type vacuum pump, useful for testing distributor advance (yeah, long time ago). A quick search shows the inexpensive versions are capable of 0.6-0.7 atm, not quite what you seek.

Additional searching (reading from the links) allowed me to discover a similar design, listed as capable of 0.1 atm. If you require to remove vapor from this environment, you'd need a pump to go slightly lower in order to have a proper differential.

I'm not sure of your presentation. How did the environment reach 0.1 atm, or are you wishing to take a 1 atm chamber down to 0.1 atm? If the latter, and the volume is not too great, the one I've found may work for you.

At US$259, it should be a better performer than the thirty or forty dollar versions. hand vacuum pump from PowerProbe

PowerProbe vacuum pump

Using the terms "manual vacuum pump" provided these results. No manipulation of terms provided for a foot operated vacuum pump, although references were found for converting a bicycle floor pump to vacuum. It's unlikely that such a pump would reach 0.1 atm, however.


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