**Background **

I'm struggling finding how to calculate the pressure that occurs within my system and then once calculated I need to reduce that pressure.

My system

I have a 1 inch copper pipe that is 9 inches long. Inside that pipe I have a 3/4" heating element designed for heating liquids with heat transfer oil surrounding it and threaded into the 1 inch pipe. My desired temperature is about 450 degrees F. The system is a closed system and the fluid isn't moving so of course as I heat the oil up, pressure will increase.


Will soldered copper connections handle this pressure? Is there a way to calculate the maximum pressure at 450 degrees F? I believe once I know that, a pressure relief valve should help with this problem?

Thanks for the help and feel free to ask clarification questions.

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    $\begingroup$ For the copper, oil and heating element you can get the corfficient of expansion per degree change in temperature - once you have that you work out the changes in volume etc. $\endgroup$ – Solar Mike Jan 20 '20 at 6:06

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