I was reading some documents that said 25 wt. %, 500 mlL-1 as well as 20 gL-1

I think 25 wt. %, 500 mlL-1 is referencing 25% weight of 500 ml of water so that would be 125 ml of water

20 g*L-1 would be 20 g per liter but since the reference is 500 ml then I should reduce this formula to 10 g to fit the 500 ml.

Is that correct?

$$\text{NiSO}_4\cdot6\text{H}_2\text{O}\quad\left(20\ \text{g}\cdot\text{L}^{-1}\right)$$ $$\text{NH}_3\quad\left(25\ wt.\%,\ 500\ \text{ml}\cdot\text{L}^{-1}\right)$$

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No. The nickel sulfate hydrate needs to be dissolved in water so that you have 20g per litre. The ammonia-water solution needs to be present as 500ml per litre. The 25% is just relating to the ammonia concentration to use (33% being the maximum at RTP).
The ratio to use should be in your article as it looks like you're making an ammoniacal nickel precipitate. However your question was using this example to obtain a generic understanding. If you see a % sign, if it's telling you how to make a concentration, it will usually have w/w, v/v or w/v after it(weight-weight, volume-volume and weight-volume respectively). For this sort of question, I would post in Chemistry.


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