I have a model on Abaqus that I've managed to run some 85 jobs on manually. Between jobs, only the loads vary, and I select these loads by resuming what I need and suppressing what I don't with my mouse (essentially, choosing k out of n pre-defined loads every time).

I'm new to scripting on Abaqus with Python, but I have been digging a fair amount through the official scripting guide, with no help. The task I'm working on requires me to extract, FOR EACH JOB, all active loads with their component magnitudes, and elements that they act on.

Query 1:

  • Logically, one should be able to find job-specific loads from the corresponding odb file. But I'm unable to find forces by probing into it (odb.rootAssembly->steps->...?).
  • Going into the mdb (mdb.model->steps->loadStates), however, simply lists down all the n pre-defined loads, which isn't very unhelpful. I need the k choices I make for each simulation.

Where do I find this information?

Query 2:

In general, how do I get for any element or node set, the elements or nodes in that set? (I believe nodes and elements are numbered in Abaqus)

I'll appreciate any help whatsoever. Thanks.



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