I'm trying a test a hydrofoil in a low Reynolds flume, but struggling to find a way to mount the hydrofoil in the flume and measure the lift and drag force.

I have some idea of using a load cell but not sure how to set it up and connect it with to hydrofoil, as the hydrofoil span across the width of the flume.


If practical install a shaft through the hydrofoil passing through its center of pressure into the walls of the flume continuing into two support donut load sensors. This way you can measure the lift and drag.

Or you can use four pancake sensors two on each side. One set for lift, the other for drag.

You can find the center of pressure of the hydrofoil by trial and error or if it comes with a chart look up the chart.

I add a link to airfoils here which can be helpful. center of pressure airfoil


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