Here is a Galantz flatbed microwave fifth The waveguide is smaller than a wavelength.

1)Usually apertures of less than a wavelength are considered to block EM wave but not here, why ?

2)The width of the waveguide is 6 cm and the height about 2 cm, does that polarize the EM waves alonf the 6cm axis ?

Here's the inside of the oven : first image 3)What's the purpose of that metal bulge in front of the magnetron output ?

Here's the bottom of the oven, the ceramic plate is lifted to reveal the wave stirrer second image The wave stirrer is removed to show the opening for the waves entry and the shaft of the stirring plate thid miage

4) can you explain the geometry of the disk and the reason designers chose to make the waves enter the oven from below the stirring disk? fourth imge



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