I read something about defining hand gesture, which include mid-air hand gesture (e.g a peace sign with the two fingers moving one after another), touch-based gesture (e.g. on touch screen), and motion gesture - manipulating the device (e.g. tilting a mobile phone sideway, pointing a mobile phone towards a person).

But I am not sure about how to categorise these gestures according to the following axis dimensions.

Some definition I saw were;

Single-axis Motion occurs around a single axis

"No matter the gesture is done in the mid-air context or on a surface, if the movement is done only in one of the three coordinates, X, Y, or Z, it is single-axis."

Double-axis "If the gesture is performed on a surface, for example on a tabletop application, then the gesture has Double-Axis dimensionality."

Tri-axis Motion involves either translational or rotational motion, not both.

"If only either of translation or rotation occurs in a gesture which is performed in 3D space, it has tri-axis dimensionality."

Six-axis Motion occurs around both rotational and translational axes

  • what if I flip down a phone along one axis, it can be considered a rotation in 3D space? if yes then it would be tri-axis even it is movement done in one single axis?

  • for sliding a phone along a plane and in a straight line, is it a tri-axis motion as it is translation n 3D, or is it a single-axis movement as it moves along one axis only?

Any examples would be very helpful. Thank you very much!



definition not in quote signs is from here: http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1978942.1978971*


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